Assessment & Collection
According to West Bengal Municipal Act 1993 & its amendment a Municipality or Urban Local Body is empowered to impose property tax to all holdings located in its jurisdiction. In this respect Assessment Department plays a major role in generation of Municipal revenue. This department mainly deals with deed of settlement, partition of holding, mutation, amalgamation of holdings, financial year wise property tax demand generation, interim and general assessment. At Champdany Municipality we have adopted computerization in assessment department since 1999. The major responsibilities of Assessment Department are as follows:-
1. Execute Mutation (Full Mutation (Change of owner) / Separation / Amalgamation /
    Addition or alteration of holding), related hearing, review & Interim Assessment process on basis of the application received.  
2. Process General Assessment, General Review & Review oriented hearing under the  supervision, guidance and assistance of West Bengal Valuation Board in every five years.
3. Financial Year wise Property Tax demand Generation.
Name: Sukhen Maity
Designation: Tax-Collector

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