Employment Notice
Roll No. of Candidates qualified for Interview for the Post of 'Mazdoor'
     in term of Employment Notice No-483/18-19/CM, dt.13/07/2018
Corrigendum to Employment Notice No-686/18-19/CM, Dated-27/08/2018
Engagement in the Post of Honorary Health Worker(HHW),Notice No-686/18-19/CM
Corrigendum against Employment Notice No-CM/EMP/02(01)/18-19,Dated:11/08/2018
     Notice No-CM/EMP/02(02)/18-19,Dated 11/08/2018  
Engagement in the Post of Accountant,SI,Cashier, Typist,Storekeeper,Driver,Notice No-CM/EMP/02(01)/18-19,Date-11/08//2018
Engagement in the Post of Assistant Engineer,Sub-Assistant Engineer,Notice No-CM/EMP/02(02)/18-19,Date-11/08//2018
Engagement in the Post of Ambulance Attendant,Notice No-CM/EMP/02(03)/18-19,Date-11/08//2018
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