Department of Birth & Death
The Birth certificate is the most important identity document for an individual which is most useful to proof the date as well as the place of birth. On the other hand, a death certificate is a document issued by the Government to the nearest relative of the deceased, stating the date, fact and cause of death. In both cases (Birth and Death) the process of Registration is done by the Municipality.In this municipality the Birth and Death department is fully computerized and is headed by the Health Officer who is at present the acting Registrar. Issue of birth, death & cremation certificates to people is the main function of this department. Registration of Births and death within the Municipal area is a statutory function. Hospitals and Nursing Homes supply the monthly figures, which are compiled. People are given Birth or Death Certificate within a day across the counter. Moreover periodical report returns are to be submitted to respective authority as per rule.
Services provided by Birth & Death Department are as follows:-
     1. Issue Birth Registration certificate.
    2. Issue Death Registration certificate.
    3. Issue Cremation certificate.
    4. Modify or Correction different certificates.
    5. Issue of Extra certificate.
    6. Birth & death registration related fee Collection

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